Everyone has a story.

Whether you're a 40+ year old company, or a stay at home mom, you have a beautiful story to tell.

The beauty of the modern world is that there has never been a better time to share that story with the rest of the world.

At Epektasis Consulting, we like stories. Stories that inspire us. Stories that lift us up and remind us of greater things.

Our mission at Epektasis Consulting is to help you tell your story in the most effective way possible. Whether that's a new website, an updated social media page, or maybe just a friend to tell your story to, we're here to listen and share your story with the world.



"Epektasis" is taken from a Greek word which means "Upward Striving." It is not meant literally, as someone physically moving upward in elevation; rather, it is a way of life. Setting one's standards higher, and working, mind, body, and soul to achieve those standards. It is acknowledging that there is something objectively more to life and answering that call to a higher level.

This is the principle that Epektasis Consulting was founded on. Never settle, continually grow, and answer for those things which you are responsible.

It's how we live our lives, and how we run our business.




With a passion for Faith and Family, Ken started Epektasis Consulting to spread the unique stories of amazing people.
As a devout Catholic, he saw an opening to use modern marketing techniques to spread the Gospel. 
With years of professional experience, both in start-up and established environments, he has the real world practice to share your story in a digital world.



Coeur d'Alene, ID.